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Our cities

  • Marvelous Maastricht

    Maastricht is the city that mixes age-old history with contemporary culture. Stroll along the Maas and admire the old city. Shop til you drop in the many fashion and design stores. And dwell on sunny terraces where you enjoy the Maastricht kitchen endlessly. The world is at your feet in Maastricht.

  • All in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, the Venice of the north. Renowned for its canals and departure point for high lights as the Keukenhof and Volendam. But also famous for the Red Light District and ‘the Nine Streets’. Here you will find the most creative and special shops in the Netherlands. But also the best museums in the Netherlands with masterpieces such as Rembrandt’s Night Watch.

  • Handsome The Hague

    The Hague, the stately city near the coast where the Dutch government resides. Visit the Binnenhof where politicians rule. Admire the Dutch masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Potter in the neighboring Mauritshuis. And blow off steam on the wide Scheveningen beach. The Hague is the cultural and historical hotspot that you will never get tired of.

  • Eindhoven is it.

    Eindhoven is the beating heart of Brainport. The top technology region of the Netherlands and Europe. Successfully grown thanks to the innovative power of Philips, Eindhoven has become a city where design, creativity and Brabant's ‘coziness’ go hand in hand. With plenty of nature, art and culture for the whole family, Eindhoven is worth a city trip.

  • Bold Rotterdam

    Rotterdam is the bad boy of the Netherlands. The city that is synonymous with ‘work hard, play hard’. With the rebuilt center after the Second World War, Rotterdam has a wonderful mix of historic and modern architecture. Climb the Euromast, visit the Boymans van Beuningen Museum or immerse yourself in the Koopgoot. Rotterdam has it all.

  • Attractive Antwerp

    Antwerp, the pearl of Belgium. It has everything to make your city trip or weekend trip a success. With worldly sights such as the Rubens House, the MAS with modern art and the FOMU Photo Museum. At the same you feel the village atmosphere everywhere when it comes to gastronomy, terraces and shopping.

  • Bustling Bruges

    Bruges is one of the most visited cities in Belgium. In the historic city you feel part of the Middle Ages and the next moment you see modern life pass by. Visit the ‘Begijnhof’, the Chocolate Museum or take a cruise. Bruges will surprise you.

  • Lovely Leuven

    Leuven the city where the beer always flows. Not coincidently it is the headquarters of Stella Artois, a global beer brand. You sense in everything Leuven is a vibrant student city. Where you can walk around the many squares, marvel at everything the markets have to offer or where you just go shopping. Go to Leuven and spoil yourself.

  • Grand Ghent

    Ghent is perhaps the most accessible city in Belgium. It has cultural-historical treasures in abundance, and you’ll find a high museum density and a vibrant nightlife. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts, make a walk along the river over the Korenlei and the Graslei and in the evening go to the ‘Oude Dokken’ for concerts, films and a snack and a drink.

  • Ostend for ever

    Sea, fish restaurants and endless sights. As an old fortified city on the coast, Ostend has a lot to offer for a wonderful weekend away. There is the Fort of Napoleon and ‘De Mercator’, a ship from 1932. But Ostend has lots of green retreats as well. The Koningspark with its Japanese gardens is more than worth a visit. Just like the Leopoldpark with beautiful ponds and fountains.

  • Ostend for ever

    Blankenberge has been a seaside resort since the 19th century and you can feel coastal vibe everywhere. Together with lovely fishermen's houses and the fine boulevard, the sophisticated architecture of the Belle Epoque makes the city a wonderful place to enjoy the surroundings. And in one of the many Belgian restaurants you can enjoy everything the Belgian kitchen has to offer.

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