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Earning Opportunities

Maximize Your Income Potential by Becoming a Host

$ 616

7 night at an estimated $88 a night

Earn More,
Pay Less

Boost profits with LikeFridays' low 10% commission on successful bookings, surpassing traditional OTAs and their high fees.

Choose Your Guests

Control guest selection using LikeFridays' pool of requests, handpicking those who meet your preferences and property criteria.

Profit from Unsold

Transform unsold rooms into revenue with LikeFridays by sending personalized offers and leveraging bid insights to make informed decisions.

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Choose Your Guests
Supply Control
Loyalty Plans
Bid Insights
24/7 Support
Personalized Offers
Flexible Payment Options

Fair to hotel owners

LikeFridays offers a balanced approach that empowers hotel owners with low commission rates, control over guest selection, and the ability to leverage insights from booking bids. Our platform promotes profitability and a fair hosting environment that caters to your needs and preferences.

Fair to travelers

Travelers enjoy a transparent booking experience with LikeFridays, gaining access to personalized offers and competitive rates. Our platform fosters trust and fairness by putting the power back into the hands of both hosts and guests, ensuring a mutually beneficial experience for all parties involved.